I am a “glass is always overflowing” type of person. It often annoys my husband that I am an extreme optimist. I smile most of the time and have been called a sunny person. This in no way suggests that I am phony in my happiness. Quite the opposite I really do enjoy my life. I absolutely love to laugh and do it as often as I can.

I am married to a wonderful man (husband, father and photographer). We have been married for almost 12 years now and are in our 2nd honeymoon phase. We have 2 adorable girls. Evy is seven and Chloe is five. They are best friends and really do play happily for hours.

For years I have had career ADD, my husband’s term. I have had more “jobs” than I care to list here. A few of the most interesting include Bar Trivia host and traveling family photographer. I have a Bachelors’ in Fine Arts from Fontbonne College in St. Louis. It only took me 10 years to actually use my degree to make a living, well working on that. I currently have the job of creating. I am an illustrator, a graphic designer, web designer and painter. Please check out my website www.siyo.co.

A couple of years ago I was different. I was not as happy and was very concerned with how much money could be made and how pretty could I look. When I look back I see that I was not a very good Wife or Mother. I was all about me. Since then, I went through a transformation. I felt a desire to find the self inside me. After some searching, that “self” has come to the surface as a more complete, loving and compassionate me.