My friend Leanne has a monthly group called “The Woman’s Intuition Group”. We met yesterday and the topic was Happiness. I was actually the one who suggested the topic and very much enjoyed the discussion. I love it that I am a happy person. I like to see the bright side of a situation and I like to encourage others too as well. I say all of this because it has just come up for me that I am actually feeling rather self-righteous about being so happy. I choose to see the world from my rose colored glasses, but I am often trying to tell others to look through my glasses… not their own. I pride myself on being able to see struggle as a way of healing. When an issue comes up I try to work through it swiftly. This is all very wonderful… for me! It is not my place to judge where someone else is. I have found myself doing this very thing recently and often. If you might recall my first post “Let’s Talk about Cake”, I said that it would be very confining to put everyone into each others’ boxes. Well this is true. I like to think that I have made progress in the last couple of years on this path of growth. I know that every situation is a way to grow. So why have been so quick to judge the ease at which others are working through their issues? Why am I struggling with everyone else’s process? I “should” just focus on myself, right. The quick answer is “yes”, deal with your own stuff and let others deal with their stuff.

It is true that we should all deal with our own stuff. It is also true though that sometimes being outside of our situation gives a new and enlightening perspective. I can sometimes see why a person might be in a situation. I am sure that others can see my patters more clearly than I can. That is the beauty of a different perspective. Another perspective can be welcome when it comes from a place of compassion. I recently have not been looking at situations with compassion. I have been looking at situations with a feeling of superiority. I did not write this to beat myself up about it. I chose to write about this today because I feel it is something that I am learning everyday. Every day I try to live my life with more compassion. I am excited to see that I have made progress. I am excited to know that I noticed that I was judging. It is the noticing that helps us work through it and heal.