As I observe my close unit of friends and family I see beautiful people that really do work hard and love each other.

How do people step out of this role as ordinary, as said by the media and everyone else, and step into extraordinary roles. How does one become the head of a huge corporation or a major face on film? I know, I know there are tons and tons of books written on the subject, but they cannot even explain the truth behind the how and why. It really is not something you can define.

This leads me to ask, can anybody become this extraordinary? Can anyone have what it takes to be a millionaire? I know for myself even the thought of it actually kind of scares me. What will everyone think of me? Will they all just like me because I have money? Will they judge every action I make because they want me to fail? So let’s say I work through all of those fears, then a new set of fears come up? What kind of person would I become? Would I become shallow and elitist? Would I really give to great causes because I have the money to do it? Or would I really just be me with more money and more attention.

Why do we give so much attention, adoration, curiosity and desire to money and fame? It seems that it is part of our make-up to want safety and security. I look at the media and it makes me sad that we can idolize and scrutinize these extraordinary people so easily. I wonder, if we brought our attention back to ourselves and tried our best to be our best, if we would have such bipolar attitudes toward money and the people that have it?

I like to think that I have really good ideas. Are my ideas and who I am the makings of an extraordinary person? I believe I already am!