Writing a blog about peace is difficult, especially when most of the news is negative. I feel like we do not even want to hear about a concept we are so far from.

Can we bring peace home and into our lives?

In the last two years I have made a journey from the outside in. I am still on this crazy ride and plan to go where it takes me. I have spent some time looking at peace and happiness. A major catalyst for this transformation was the statement “you are in control of your own happiness”. At first those words stung. How can I be happy when there is so much unhappiness around me. When I finally surrendered to that statement an amazing thing happened. I stopped. I stopped pushing so hard to have everyone see what I wanted them to see and I finally allowed myself to see life. It was a shift. With this great shift came peace. When I embraced the control of my happiness, I realized that I had an effect on the beauty of my life. Everyone has their own perspective or filter that they see life through. I chose the rose-colored ones and I see beauty.