I was saddened to hear about the attacks on Oslo, Norway. From my perspective Norway was the place that had peace figured out. This was their first “act of violence” since World War II. It does remind me that each individual person and each individual nation are not protected against hate and violence. I sit here at my computer in the middle of America and find myself looking out into the world saying that is sad, but that can’t happen to me, personally.The truth is we are all collectively feeling the effects of hatred and violence. We might read the words of this awful act on Norway and say “That man needs to pay for what he has done!” I believe that by reacting with more hate and violence will create more hate and violence. Is there another way? Some of the most famous spiritual leaders would say turn the other cheek or love those who hurt you. How can you even think to love this person who did such an awful act. How can anyone forgive this man? Forgive what he did? What if our love and forgiveness changed this man and made him truly sorry for his awful act? Please know that I can not begin to feel, understand  or condone, why someone could do this. I am only presenting a different perspective, the perspective of these great spiritual leaders. What if we sent love and healing to this situation, instead of hatred and fear?