The word peace in the dictionary has 17 different meanings. They range from ‘to be calm’ to ‘maintain order’. It is no wonder we have hard time actually having peace. With so many definitions of the word itself, can anyone really even know what “World Peace” should look like? Is “World Peace” even plausible?

From my perspective I see the world as beautiful and diverse. Of course there is war, famine, terrorism and hatred all around the word. When you only see those negative things how can you see the beauty in each individual place. In 2002 my Husband and I went to Amsterdam. The comments I have received about going there range from “how were the coffee shops?” to “did you get to go to the Red Light District?” Though those were parts of our trip; that was not what made Amsterdam interesting to me. I was absolutely in love with the individuality of the people that live there. It was the melting pot of the American Dream. The energy there was really one of comfort. I am sure that if you were to peek down below the surface you will find some hatred and scandal in Amsterdam. You will find hatred and scandal everywhere when you are looking for it.

As I stated in my about me page I am an extreme optimist. I am in search of beauty. From my perspective, peace begins in me. All 17 definitions of peace applied to me; can help me see peace in the world. When I am at peace I see the peace in others. When I am at peace I see peace in Nations.

I would love to hear your perspective of peace. Do you have a grand idea on how to have “World Peace”?