I have two darling daughters, they are five and seven. Whenever there is talk of a birthday party, a birthday, a party, a gathering or well anytime for that matter… they ask about CAKE. This is true for all kids really. They love cake. When you yell “CAKE” at a birthday party all the kids can not contain their joy! They yell “CAKE”! They might even sing a song about cake while they get their piece. “We love cake” they may chant. Then they sit down to eat it and they eat the frosting on the top. The rest of the cake just sits there until Mom comes and throws it in the trash. Truth be told, kids really do not like cake. They absolutely love the idea of cake. The cake… not so much.

Well I believe that this is true about World Peace. We as humans really and truly love the idea of World Peace. Yes I said the idea. I think a few are appalled that I could mention such a thing. “No I am sure I do want World Peace?” you might say. How dare she claim that I could not want everyone who is suffering in the world to find peace? I am sure that is true. It is true. The only problem is we want their peace to be our idea of peace. We want the peace around the world to fit in a pretty little box that we can look at and say “Isn’t that nice?”

We all have a very unique perspective and how hard would that be to make everyone in the world fit into your box. That is a lot of boxes and a lot of confinement.

I by no means claim to have any true ideas about how to have true World Peace, but I would like to explore the world. I want to taste other types of cake and perhaps I won’t just eat the icing, maybe I will really like the cake.